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About Us

The Chapel was built in 1968 and designed by Jack Forrest of Frederick Gibberd and partners (architects of Liverpool’s Metropolitan Cathedral). The subterranean vaulted crypt design creates a space of remarkable quiet at the heart of the airport.

The Chapel is the shared responsibility of Anglican, Roman Catholic and Free Churches, in partnership with Heathrow Airport.

As part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Chapel, a group of women from the Austin Sewing Club in Hayes made a commemorative banner that hangs in the Chapel, signifying the Hope we have in Christ of unifying the nations of the world. Stained glass - inspired lightboxes have also been installed in the Chapel, made by artist Anna Sikorska with colleagues from Heathrow, providing a symbol of Light and Life that came into the world from the time of the Creation, and through the Incarnation, a Light that continues to shine in this dark world.

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